RE Gifts

Gifts for Clients of Real Estate Professionals

Building relationships can be hard. Maintaining them nearly impossible.

You work hard to find a family their perfect home, lead them through the complexities of a purchase, and hold their hand as they embark on one of their biggest purchases of their lives. Throughout the process, you build a strong relationship focused on trust and shared values. It all culminates in a closing, often full of joy and tears.

What then?

The unfortunate truth is that after a closing, most clients forget about their Real Estate agent. Promises of ‘keeping in touch’ turn to busyness and forgetfulness. So how should you maintain the strong relationship you worked so hard to build?

Let Caffè Colibrì help you maintain your relationships. With Caffè Colibrì, you can:

  • Customize a gift 30-90 days after your closing with a personalized “Congratulations” message.

  • Send a “Remember Me” gift during holidays, home purchase anniversaries, and/ or other occasions, again with a personalized message.

  • Fully automate your year-round gifting, ensuring your relationships are maintained, and you can focus on building new ones.


Real Estate Professional’s Gift Etiquette

A gift that matters. A gift card sent after closing is an easy way to say thank you – easy and forgetful. And intentionally or not, the gift card amount is read as how much you value the client. Likewise, gifts that are all about you – a calendar with your contact info, a clock with your logo – are quickly out of sight and forgotten. To be remembered, choose a customized and client-centered gift, not necessarily an expensive one.

Timing is everything. Traditionally, closing gifts are presented during closing. Given everything that is happening during – paperwork, move planning, anxiety and excitement around the purchase – gifts are put aside and sometimes even lost. Instead, give a gift 30 – 90 days after closing as a perfect way to follow-up and strengthen your relationship.

Maintain your hard-built relationships. Why put all the work into building a relationship with a client if you will end up forgotten? The average American buys a house every 7 years. Making your relationship last will reap rewards long beyond the first sale. Remind your clients of your relationship by sending them a small gift for holidays, purchase anniversaries, and/ or other occasions. Sending the same or similar gift each time reinforces your relationship over time.


Ready to strengthen your relationships?

Here are some ways that Caffè Colibrì can help you strengthen your client relationships:

  • Send a fresh and beautifully packaged bag of coffee 30-90 days after your closing. Include a personalized message on the bag (e.g., “Congratulations on your new home, John and Mary”), and an additional thank you card inside the package.

  • Schedule annual gift(s) of coffee now so it’s automated and off your mind. Be that for holiday, home purchase anniversary, or any other chosen date, we will take care of preparing and sending your gift. We will of course let you know ahead of time when the order will be processed – with ability to modify or cancel at any time.

For questions about how Caffè Colibrì can help you strengthen your relationships, email

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