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Ordering, simplified.

Order your first bag here. We make it easy for the novice to the expert. Make sure to give us your phone number so you can simplify your communication and ordering with us.

Want to order by text now? Text “bean me up” to 612-504-0222.

Either way, 15 bucks gets you a bag delivered to your door, roasted just days before.

Feedback, simplified.

How was it? Too Light for your taste? Want to experiment with more distinct flavors?

Text to tell us what you thought of the coffee. We can change it up to your taste or send you more of the same.

That simple.

Reordering, simplified.

Running low? Going away? Family visiting? Let us know when you’re ready for more.

Just shoot us a text – we’ve got you covered.


What our customers are saying…


Boston, MA

“You made finding my ideal coffee and roast so simple. Thank you!”

Portland, OR

“Best coffee I’ve ever had at home.”

Minneapolis, MN

“Caffè Colibrì’s speed gives Amazon Prime a run for its money!”