What we do

Caffè Colibrì is all about creating an affordable option for people who want to enjoy amazing coffee at home, but are not willing to sacrifice convenience to get it.

Caffè Colibrì roasts coffee beans sourced from the places that grow them best – such as Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya – and delivers them from our rostery in Minnesota to your door. It helps you find the exact coffee that matches your preference (not too burned, not too acidic, perfectly balanced), and makes (re)ordering as simple as sending a message to a friend.

Coffee beginnings

Coffee is an important facet of many cultures, each in its unique way. In Europe, a third wave coffee culture of pour-overs, lattes, and barista competitions is emerging after decades of bitter and strong cups under communist rule. Cafes in Rome serve cappuccino for breakfast, and never after a meal – because they believe fresh whole milk limits disturbs digestion. In São Paulo, office meetings will be interrupted when a waiter comes and offers you a cafezinho – traditional Brazilian coffee. And in Melbourne, refusing a ‘coffee run’ is tantamount to defriending your closest colleagues. In all of these places, coffee is a sacred event, not a drink you spill in the car on your morning commute.

We first attempted to recreate the same great tastes of world coffees at home from conveniently available beans in supermarkets and discounters. We experimented: various grinds and exotic beans, Keurig and Nespresso, espressos and drips. We even manufactured a machine of our own, to our own specifications, but no good coffee came of it. The more we experimented, the more we were left wanting.

It’s in the beans

Fresh, aromatic, flavorful coffee at home isn’t impossible, but there’s a reason the stuff is better from your local café. The problem isn’t the brewing method – you can have your coffee however you like – nor is it the machine – even an inexpensive drip coffee maker can brew you a delicious cup. It’s in the beans.

It turns out, the quality of coffee beans does matter – and roasted coffee is perishable. Roasted coffee beans have a shelf life of at most four weeks before the flavour and the aroma are lost. Everything else, such as ideal brewing method or vessel, is a matter of personal preference.

Through the experiments, we found our favorite: Brazilian origin, Medium roasted. However, whenever we shared our beans (coffee is a social drink after all!), each person had a different predilection. Bethany from work requested Colombian roasted Dark. Sebastian from church asked for another bag of Guatemalan roasted Light. While origin-of-the-month may sound exciting, we found that each person preferred their own specific flavor. So we stopped making them drink our favorite roast, but instead began asking simple questions to find what fit their taste.

And so, Caffè Colibrì was born.

Your morning roast

Caffè Colibrì lets you choose your own coffee flavor (including single-origin and blend options) as well as roast level, based on 4 simple questions. Flavor is customized – not compromised – to the your taste. And because we use beans fresh off the coffee tree, roasting each individual bag before shipping it to your door within 24 hours, you’ll be excited to get up and enjoy your morning roast at home every single day.

We are obsessed with flavor and freshness so you don’t have to be. At Caffè Colibrì, freshness and great taste is an expectation, not an accident.